The Many Different Kinds of Outdoor Solar Lighting


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The Many Different Kinds of Solar Outdoor Lighting

by Jacque Crook

Posted: Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Using solar outdoor lighting for your landscaping needs is different from regular outdoor lighting for a number of reasons. For one, there are solar lighting systems, which use the power of the sun to provide nighttime light. When putting in these lights, you have to first do some planning. There are many different kinds of solar lighting systems available, some that are fully self contained, others that have solar panels separate from the unit.

One of the most important aspects of using solar outdoor lighting for your landscaping projects is placement. You will want to really observe the area you are using solar lighting, and watch where the sun is available the most. Any self contained lighting systems should be put where the sun is going to hit them the most during the day, in order to be the most effective at night. Some of the solar lighting systems that need a lot of direct sunlight are post lights and stake lights. These have solar panels mounted right into the top of them, so they should have the most exposure.

If you need to place solar outdoor lighting in areas that have shade during the day, you may want to consider solar lighting systems that use a separate solar panel. These systems can have the panel mounted wherever there is the most light, on a wall or roof, and even on a post. You can even hide the wires or paint them to blend into their surroundings.

Because of the many different kinds of solar outdoor lighting systems available, it is a good idea to look around at all of your options. As mentioned before, there are post and stake lights, string lights of all shape and designs, security lights, spot lights for illuminating certain landscaping features, as well as some more unique items. If you are looking to gently illuminate a walkway leading up to a garden setting, there are rocks that are actually solar lights. They incorporate small panels, and give off ambient light in the evening. It is good to note that if you need to really light up an area these may not be the best idea. They give off a softer light, and because of their smaller size they don't last as long during the evening and night.

The type of bulbs are also important when it comes to solar outdoor lighting systems. There are solar lighting products that use state of the art LED bulbs. While these may cost a little more initially, there are many advantages. If you are looking for spot lighting ground features, lighting up pathways, or even dark entryways, these are high intensity bulbs and are excellent for these applications. While putting off a bright light, they don't produce heat, and they use very little energy to stay bright. This means that they will keep lit for many hours. Depending on the system, the application and their placement, they can stay lit for ten to twelve hours.

Your best bet for getting good bargains on solar outdoor lighting for your landscaping needs is to go online. While many home improvement outlets may offer some systems, you will find a much bigger and better selection of solar lighting through the internet.

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